Delphis 2010 – english


The second  edition of “Delphis 2010 Morocco” was realized in Al Hoceima and Jebha littoral (Central Rif in the Mediterranean ) on July 10th and 11th , 2010, by AGIR – Association for Integrated management – with a financial support of IFAW, UICN and in partnership with the Department of the Fishing Ministry, INRH and RIMMO.

This is the second time in Morocco that researchers, students of Environment sciences from ENSAH  (Nationale Institute of Sciences and Applications) fishermen and simply sea lovers worked together on Dolphins.

The Second version of “Delphis 2010 Morocco” had the particularity to target the long liners fishing vessels which were still using drift nets . The reason is that by involving fishermen in this action we could inform them about the status of this cetacean in our country and all over the world, we could sensibly them to be involved in the national program to reconvert their fishing gears  to decrease the interaction between dolphins and their drift net, especially the damages caused on the cetaceans .

Thanks to Operations Delphis 2009 and 2010, and to other projects leads by AGIR to convince the fishermen in the Al Hoceima Harbor, we are effectively contributing inside the National program to stop in this year 2010 the use of the Drift nets which are prohibited by the international Community ,

After the first workshop of formation and information about the International Maritime Reserve in the Western Mediterranean RIMMO protocol, the Volunteers on fishing boats, set out 11 days to different fishing zones in front of Al Hoceima and Jebha littoral, covering a superficies of nearly 640 km2 . Trained student and researcher, observers from ENSAH, and AGIR volunteers observed during this mission more than 300 dolphins (both species: short-beaked common dolphin, Delphinus delphis, and striped dolphin, Stenella coeruleoalba), marine turtles such as Loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta),  and many  jellyfish. Volunteers did also many activities, like to take plankton and water samples.

Water and plankton samples and observations have been analyzed by the INRH “National Institute of Marine research” to interpret the spatial distribution of dolphins in the fishing zones, and to understand the conditions in which they live. Results of the analysis will be communicated during the upcoming RIMMO conference.

Thanks to the financial support of the IFAW we have had the possibility to promote dolphins protection and conservation, targeting the Moroccans on the national TV 2M news. We also made a big banderole in the city and also tee-shirts for stakeholders teenagers, students and fishermen of Al Hoceima .

The major known national newspapers in Morocco have also talked about “Delphis 2010 Morocco”. Articles underlined the implication of IFAW in the protection of dolphins insisting on its success and were well illustrated by photos. Two interviews were done with a regional radio, RTM Tamazight, and the National ones Radio RTM Rabat and Radio Asouate Atlantic from Casablanca.

All the participants have been very enthusiastic and hope to continue this action next year because the experience acquired will guarantee a better organization and coordination for scientific exploitation of the results.


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